International Paulo Freire Conference (Twenty one photographs)

On early September, I was invited by Dr. Alethea Melling to the International Paulo Freire Conference in Larnaca, Cyprus organized by the Freire Institute and the University of Central Lancashire. It was related to my study Community and Leadership on University of Central Lancashire, and also I have pleasure to be the photographer of the event.

The conference was on the theme of ‘Education and Global Transitions’ and  include the following sub-themes: Education with Migrant and Transient Communities, Gender and Education, Popular Education Theory and Practice, Education and Development, Social Media, Technology and Culture, Inequality and the Commodification of Education.

It was great time for me thanks to Dr. Alethea Melling, Paul Wilkinson, UCLAN and Paulo Freire institute staff members.

Here a some photographs from the event:

UCLAN_Cyprus Conference 2017_LucasPuch_sm-7UCLAN_Cyprus Conference 2017_LucasPuch_sm-18UCLAN_Cyprus Conference 2017_LucasPuch_sm-22UCLAN_Cyprus Conference 2017_LucasPuch_sm-24UCLAN_Cyprus Conference 2017_LucasPuch_sm-25UCLAN_Cyprus Conference 2017_LucasPuch_sm-30UCLAN_Cyprus Conference 2017_LucasPuch_sm-31UCLAN_Cyprus Conference 2017_LucasPuch_sm-41UCLAN_Cyprus Conference 2017_LucasPuch_sm-42UCLAN_Cyprus Conference 2017_LucasPuch_sm-45UCLAN_Cyprus Conference 2017_LucasPuch_sm-47UCLAN_Cyprus Conference 2017_LucasPuch_sm-48UCLAN_Cyprus Conference 2017_LucasPuch_sm-50UCLAN_Cyprus Conference 2017_LucasPuch_sm-68UCLAN_Cyprus Conference 2017_LucasPuch_sm-71UCLAN_Cyprus Conference 2017_LucasPuch_sm-72UCLAN_Cyprus Conference 2017_LucasPuch_sm-74UCLAN_Cyprus Conference 2017_LucasPuch_sm-76UCLAN_Cyprus Conference 2017_LucasPuch_sm-96UCLAN_Cyprus Conference 2017_LucasPuch_sm-104UCLAN_Cyprus Conference 2017_LucasPuch_sm-113

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