Cloudy Days



Lord you know all things
There is not even one word on my tongue
Or in my heart that you a haven’t heard
Before I have even uttered them
I am full of awe of you- Selah

Even in my down times when I feel unwell
You are here with me
Your presence is everywhere
Even if I aren’t sensitive to know this at the time

But you give me little reminders
That all life is precious to you
Like when I receive a kiss from a friend
Or a kind word from a stranger

Yes- you are always vigilant to remind us of your care
For I am more valuable than even a precious Sparrow
My heart shall rest in Hope and Your faithfulness – till my change shall come.

Cloudy days doesn’t mean there is no Sun – by Brenda Victoria Northeast

10 thoughts on “Cloudy Days

  1. beautiful images…I find sky/cloud images to be a challenging subject…seems as though you are able to bring out the details that create “aweness”

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