Face In The Clouds

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What is the answer to life…

A caring husband, a caring wife?

Deep in secrecy it seems…

A million dollars, fullfilling dreams.

Where is the key to happiness?

Walks on the beach, morning sun rising?

Hidden in the clouds it seems.

Fame’s sweet kiss, pornographic magazines.

Where are the stairs to bliss?

First true love, her soft sweet kiss.

Deep inside her eye’s it gleams.

Lets get naked and on our knees.

What is the answer to love?

Cupid flying silently above you high up above?

Poison in the arrow it seems…

After the first taste you cant get enough.

Where is the path to eternity?

Is it in the bible, in the trees?

A snake in the garden in seems.

Buried these secrets from all humanity.

A Face In The Clouds – Lance Carthen

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